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Strategic partnerships

For many years we have seen the benefit of entering into strategic relationships with key brands, to provide a best of class service to our customers who align with these brands, based on manufacturing quality, depth of range, and options for every customer price point.

Today we provide a wide and varied range of appliances and accessories from an impressive group of brands that are established and trusted in the UK market.

And because our customers trust us to provide them with these trusted brands, we have also confidently introduced new brands to the UK market which have the same status of quality, range and support in international markets.

Exclusive products

We are the exclusive UK agents for Teka kitchen appliances, providing access to higher-end appliances at PJH prices which remain attractive and competitive.

Adding value with our own brands

Many of our customers don’t realise that we also produce our own brands to ensure that we are providing options right the way through the spectrum of features and price points, at a consistency of quality.

Whether it’s our highly popular Prima appliances brand, or our Virtu and K Kitchens, or our Bathrooms to Love collections, we know that a brand which can capture the aspirations and expectations of your customers helps you position and sell our products more effectively, adding real value to your business.

Our Kitchens Brands

Our kitchen furniture ranges provide true flexibility for customers with different budgets.
Through our brands, we provide a ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ product, carefully sourced and selected to match the best possible quality for each price point.

We support our brands with marketing, including brochures, PR, and advertising, to support you in offering these great products to your customers.
To find out more about our kitchen brands, please contact us, and we will be very happy to come and visit your showroom.

PJH Kitchens

Our Appliance Brands

All our appliances come from trusted brands, many of which are known to your customers. When sourcing appliances we select a range of products to meet the widest range of requirements, whether free-standing or integrated, whether conventional ovens or the latest steam ovens with pyrolytic cleaning.

PJH are the exclusive UK agents for Teka kitchen appliances, and we are very excited about the opportunities these higher end products will provide for our customers as part of a complete kitchen project. And with our own Prima brand, we also provide great quality products for smaller budgets.
To find out more about our appliance brands, please contact us, and we will be very happy to come and visit your showroom.

PJH Appliances Brands

Our Bathrooms to Love Brands

Within our Bathrooms to Love collection, we have selected products which give a complete bathroom solution, with a great range of options.

We continually develop and add to our bathroom furniture range, keeping pace with the latest bathroom trends.
To find out more about our bathrooms brands, please contact us, and we will be very happy to come and visit your showroom.

PJH Bathrooms

Our Sinks, Taps & Accessories Brands

Some of the more striking features of a new kitchen come from the sinks, taps and accessories.

We source stunning, great quality sinks & taps, with a variety of styles that suit the diverse tastes of your customers.
Our cupboard and drawer accessories turn a beautiful kitchen into a highly functional one, and our lighting options can give any home kitchen that showroom style.

To find out more about our sinks, taps and accessories brands, please contact us, and we will be very happy to come and visit your showroom.

PJH Sinks, Taps, and Accessories

Introducing our PJH Partners Portal™

An online platform designed to make your life and work quicker, easier, and significantly better.

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• Move seamlessly from our brochures to ordering online
• Stock information at a glance as you type in a product name or code
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• All your orders, invoices and updates in one place
• Easy, secure online payment facility to manage your Account balance
• Access your information 24/7, during and outside of our office hours

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• A brand new innovative solution to ordering entire kitchens online
• Simply ‘click & add’ to your order using our intuitive visual interface
• Now so much easier to get your full order right first time, every time

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    For many years we have seen the benefit of entering into strategic relationships with key brands to provide a best of class service to our customers which aligns with these brands.
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Listening to our customers is a vital part of how we maintain our lead as one of the UK’s largest provider of kitchens, bathrooms, and appliances, and whenever we conduct our customer surveys to find out the top 3 qualities you look for in your supplier, the answers always come back the same.

And that’s why we continue to source, supply and develop products that meet our customers’ needs, whilst always aiming to exceed their expectations.

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